Getting Ready for Android 14 (2023)

Android has launched the Android 14 as of October 2023. This document is your guide for all of the updates and any preparations to make for your organization’s Workspace ONE UEM environment.

More information on the Android 14 can be found here.

The Android Preview program runs yearly in anticipation for each major OS release. It consists of iterative releases of Android, from early Developer Previews up to more stable Beta builds. Once Android 14 reaches a milestone called Platform Stability, further releases will contain minimal changes. This is the earliest point where Workspace ONE UEM can declare support for Android 14.

What’s New in Android 14

To review new Android Enterprise features on Android 14, see the Google Developer page.

  • For Android app developers, please review behavior changes that may affect your apps: Changes affecting all apps can be reviewed on the here.
  • Changes affecting apps that target Android 14 can be reviewed here.
  • Updates to non-SDK interface restrictions can be reviewed here.

Behavior Changes in Workspace ONE UEM on Android 14

The following behavior changes in Workspace ONE UEM have been identified with Android 14.

Deprecation of Restrictions on Cross-profile Contact/Caller ID Access

Earlier Android versions introduced support for blocking the personal applications from accessing managed contacts stored in the Work Profile. In Workspace ONE UEM, these controls are available as part of the Android Restrictions Profile:

  • Allow Work Contact Caller ID
  • Allow Work Contacts in Personal Contacts App

Android 14 deprecates these global controls. Installing a Restrictions Profile with these settings disabled will no longer block access to managed contacts.

Deprecation of Samsung APIs used for Samsung APN Profile Payload

In KNOX 3.8, Samsung deprecated their OEM-specific APIs used by Workspace ONE UEM to configure Access Point Names on Samsung devices. With Android 14, these APIs will cease to work. This means that the Samsung-specific APN Profile Payload will no longer work on Samsung devices running Android 14.

Intelligent Hub 23.02 introduced a new way to add Access Point Name configurations to any Work Managed Android device. This leverages OEM-agnostic APIs and therefore can be used to manage APNs on any Android device on OS 9.0 and higher that is enrolled in Work Managed mode. As of June 21st, 2023, this OEM-Agnostic capability is only supported through the Custom Settings Profile Payload. In the future, Workspace ONE UEM will support this as a new, separate Profile Payload in the Workspace ONE UEM Console. Please see Configuring Access Point Name on Work Managed Android Devices through Custom Settings Profile (90991) for more details.

Domain requirement in Enterprise WiFi Profiles

As part of Android mainline updates rolled out starting in April 2023, devices running Android 11 and higher will now require a Domain value in any Enterprise WiFi configurations. Administrators should specify a Domain value in any Android WiFi Profiles with Security Type set to WPA/WPA2 Enterprise. If they do not, devices with the latest mainline update will fail to connect to the network. This impacts:

  1. Devices on Android 11 through 13 that receive Android mainline updates from April 2023 and later
  2. All devices on Android 14 and higher

The Domain field was introduced in Workspace ONE UEM 2210. For more information on the Domain field, please see the WiFi section in How to Configure Android Profiles.

For Workspace ONE UEM versions lower than 2210, please see the Workaround section in WPA2 Enterprise WiFi Profiles fail to install on Android 11+ devices (92679).

Known Issues

The following are Known Issues with Android 14 at time of its release.

Changing the Work or Device Passcodes

Sending a Change Device Passcode or Change Work Passcode command to an Android 14 device may fail if the new passcode has a length of 4 or 5 (e.g. a 4- or 5-digit pin). In these cases, the Device or Work Profile cannot be unlocked. To regain access to the device, send a new command to set a new passcode with length 6 or higher.

This issue will be resolved in the Android 14 QPR1 release.

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