Applications installed by Workspace ONE UEM on the User Enrolled devices are managed and associated to the Managed Apple ID, that is used to enroll the device. Any application installed by the user through the App Store is associated to the user’s personal Apple ID and cannot be managed.

Since User Enrollment must associate the managed application to a Managed Apple ID, only managed distribution with User-Based Licenses purchased in Apple Business Manager is supported. For example, applications assigned through the Public tab under the Resources > Apps page on the UEM console are not supported on User Enrolled devices. There are no differences between managing User-Based Licenses on User Enrollment compared to Device Enrollment. When the application is assigned to a User Enrolled device, a VPP license is assigned to the Managed Apple ID associated with the device and the app is installed.

For more information, refer the Managed Distribution by Apple IDs section in the Integration with Apple Business Manager guide.