To deploy an OS Update, assign one or more smart groups to an iOS update and publish to the device.

To assign smart groups and deploy the iOS updates:


  1. Navigate to the Devices > Device Updates > iOS page.
  2. Select an iOS Update by selecting the corresponding radio button. The Manage Assignments option appears on top of the page.
  3. Select Manage Assignments for the assignment page to display.
  4. Select New Assignment under the Assignment section. The Add Assignment page appears.
  5. In the Definition tab, enter the assignment name and select one or more smart groups. Select Next.
  6. In the Deployment tab, enter the date and time for the deployment to begin and select one deployment method. The available deployment methods are:
    Method Description
    Download and Install The iOS update gets downloaded and installed on the device.
    Download Only The iOS update only gets downloaded but not installed on the device.
    Install Only

    The iOS updates gets installed on the device only if it is already downloaded through MDM or manually.

  7. In the Notification tab, enable or disable the notification for the successful download or install status and enter the notification text in the Push Notification field.
  8. Select Save to publish the iOS update.


The assignment gets saved for the selected iOS update in the UEM console and any assigned, eligible devices that are checking in receive the specified iOS version update. The status of the iOS update will change to Assigned and the status for assigned devices can be monitored in the Update Details page.
Note: These settings can be changed at any time after the update has been published.
If devices have multiple iOS update assignments, the deployment settings and iOS version will be evaluated in the following priority:
  1. Newest iOS version (e.g. iOS 13.3 be prioritized over iOS 13.1).
  2. Closest assignment at or above the Organization Group where the device is enrolled (e.g. if a device is enrolled at a child Organization Group, the device will take the assignment at the child Organization Group rather than any at a parent level. This assumes the assignments are for the same iOS version).
  3. Highest priority within the assignment selected based on the first two criteria with an ascending priority (e.g. priority of 1 is higher than a priority of 2).