You can customize the industry templates you create with specific app deployment configurations.


  1. Quickly remove a public application and push the updated application list to users immediately.
    1. Navigate to Hub > Industry Templates > List View.
    2. Select the pencil button or template name to edit the template.
    3. Deselect the application. The check mark in the corner disappears.
    4. Select Next > Publish to save and republish the template.
  2. Upload a new application version of an internal app after deleting the old version.
    1. Select the pencil button or template link to edit the template.
    2. Select More Options. A trash can icon appears on the internal application.
    3. Select Remove and follow the prompt to delete the application from the list.
    4. Select Add App to upload the updated application.
    5. Select Next > Publish to save and republish the template with new application version.
    Consider editing applications only within the industry template. However, applications can also be edited from the Apps & Books > Applications > Native in the UEM console. Any changes made to applications from the Native List View page are not reflected in the industry template UI.