The industry standard protocol designed for email synchronization on mobile devices is called Exchange Active Sync (EAS). Through EAS profiles, you can remotely configure devices to check into your mail server to sync email, calendars and contacts.

The EAS profile uses information from each user, such as user name, email address, and password. If you integrate Workspace ONE UEM with Active Directory services, then this user information is automatically populated for the user and can be specified in the EAS profile by using look-up values.

Create a Generic EAS Profile for Multiple Users

Before you create an EAS profile that automatically enables devices to pull data from your mail server, you must first ensure that users have the appropriate information in their user account records. For Directory Users, or those users that enrolled with their directory credentials, such as Active Directory, this information is automatically populated during enrollment. However, for Basic Users this information is not automatically known and must be populated in one of two ways:

  • You can edit each user record and populate the Email Address and Email Username text boxes.
  • You can prompt users to enter this information during enrollment by navigating to Devices > Device Settings > General > Enrollment and under the Optional Prompt tab, checking the Enable Enrollment Email Prompt box.