Managed domains are another way Workspace ONE UEM enhances Apple's "open in" security feature on iOS 8 devices. Using the "open in" feature with managed domains, you can protect corporate data by controlling what apps can open documents downloaded from enterprise domains using Safari.

Specify URLs or subdomains to manage how documents, attachments, and downloads from the browser are opened. Also, in managed email domains, a color-coded warning indicator can be displayed in email messages that are sent to unmanaged domains. These tools help end users quickly determine what documents can be opened with corporate apps and what documents are personal and may be opened in personal applications.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles > List View > Add. Select Apple iOS.
  2. Configure the profile's General settings.
  3. Select the Managed Domains payload from the list.
    Setting Description
    Managed Email Domains Enter domains to specify which email addresses are corporate domains. For example: Emails sent to addresses not specified here are highlighted in the email app to indicate that the address is not part of the corporate domain.
    Managed Web Domains Enter domains to choose specific URLs or subdomains that can be considered managed. For example: Any documents or attachments coming from those domains are considered managed.
    Safari Password Domains Enter password for the domains you specify for Safari to save. This option is applicable only for supervised devices.
  4. Select Save & Publish.