This payload allows you to integrate with a third-party Web content filtering plug-in with Safari.

If you want to integrate specifically with Forcepoint or Blue Coat content filters, see the appropriate sections in this guide.


  1. Select Plug-in in the Filter Type drop-down menu to choose what plug-ins can be accessed. You must enable either Webkit or Socket traffic needs in order for the payload to work.
    Setting Description
    Filter Name Enter the name of filter that displays on the device.
    Identifier Enter the bundle ID of the identifier of the plug-in that provides filtering service.
    Service Address Enter the hostname, IP address, or URL for service.
    Organization Choose the organization string that is passed to the third party plug-in.
    Filter WebKit Traffic Select to choose whether to filter Webkit traffic.
    Filter Socket Traffic

    Select to choose whether to filter SocKet traffic.

  2. Configure the Authentication information including:
    Setting Description
    Username Use look-up values to pull directly from the user account record. Ensure your Workspace ONE UEM user accounts have an email address and email user name defined.
    Password Enter the password for this account.
    Payload Certificate Choose the authentication certificate.
  3. Add Custom Data which includes keys required by the third-party filtering service. This information goes into the vendor config dictionary.
  4. Select Save & Publish.