iOS Functionality Matrix: Supervised vs. Unsupervised

The following table shows all the available iOS profile functionality that you can control using the UEM console and the minimum iOS version that applies.

Features and Functionality Does Not Require Supervision Requires Supervision OS Notes
Passcode settings -
Wi-Fi settings -
Auto-Join iOS 7
Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 settings iOS 7
Proxy settings iOS 7
QOS Marking Policy iOS 10
VPN settings -
Per-App VPN iOS 7
Connect automatically iOS 7
Email settings -
Prevent Moving Messages iOS 7
Disable recent contact sync iOS 7
Prevent Use In 3rd Party Apps iOS 7
Use S/MIME iOS 7
Exchange ActiveSync
EAS settings -
Use S/MIME iOS 7
Per-Message S/MIME iOS 8
Prevent Moving Messages iOS 7
Prevent Use In 3rd Party Apps iOS 7
Disable recent contact sync iOS 7
Prevent Mail Drop iOS 9
Default Calling App iOS 10
LDAP settings -
CalDAV settings -
Subscribed Calendars
Subscribed Calendar settings -
CardDAV settings -
Web Clips
Web Clip settings -
Credentials certificate settings -
SCEP settings for certificate authority -
Global HTTP Proxy
Global HTTP Proxy settings iOS 7
Single App Mode
Single App Mode – Lock device into a single app iOS 7
Optional settings for “Lock device into a single app” iOS 7
Autonomous single app mode iOS 7
Web Content Filter
Web Content Filter settings (Allowlist, Denylist, Permitted URLs) iOS 7
Web Content Filtering with 3rd Party Provider iOS 8
Managed Domains
Managed Email Domains iOS 8
Managed Web Domains iOS 8
Managed Safari Password Domains iOS 9.3
Network Usage Rules
Network Usage Rules iOS 9
macOS Server Accounts
macOS Server Accounts iOS 9
Single Sign On
Single Sign On settings with Kerberos authentication iOS 7
Single Sign On settings with Renewal certificates iOS 8
AirPrint destination settings iOS 7
AirPlay Mirroring
AirPlay Destination settings (Allowlist) iOS 7
AirPlay Passwords
Access Point
Advanced Access Point settings
App Installation Settings
Silent App Installation ✓ +VPP
Control Cellular Settings
Voice Roaming iOS 7
Data Roaming iOS 7
Personal Hotspot iOS 7
Wallpaper Settings
Set Lock Screen Image iOS 7
Set Lock Screen Message iOS 9.3+
Set Home Screen Image iOS 7
Set Home Screen Layout iOS 9.3+
Notification settings iOS 9.3+
Queries and Commands
Supervised status iOS 7
Personal Hotspot status iOS 7
Clear Activation Lock iOS 7
Clear Restrictions Passcode iOS 8
Configure iOS Updates iOS 9

Prior to iOS 10.3, DEP is also required

Delay iOS Updates iOS 11.3+
Custom Fonts and Messaging
Custom Font Installation iOS 7
Custom Enrollment Messages iOS 7
Custom MDM Prompts iOS 7
Activation Lock Warning iOS 7
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