Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX) allows administrators to look up device details related to the display model name, the device purchase and warranty status directly from the UEM console.

If any devices in an organization group are missing a display model name, then a time scheduler runs periodically to search and update these names using the GSX information that was configured for the devices at that organization group level.

Only authorized Apple employees or organizations that have registered with Apple’s Self-Servicing Account Program can access GSX information.

Create a GSX Account

Before you can integrate your deployment, you must create an Apple GSX account. To apply for a GSX account, you must have a service contract with Apple. Contact your Apple Account Executive to learn more about GSX.

To apply for a GSX account, visit

Obtain an Apple Certificate to Integrate AppleCare GSX

To integrate AppleCare GSX with your Workspace ONE UEM deployment, you must first obtain an Apple certificates and convert them to .p12 format.

For more information, see Obtain an Apple Certificate to Integrate AppleCare GSX.

Configure AppleCare in the UEM console

Once you have obtained and configured an Apple Certificate, you must upload the certificate to the UEM console and configure your AppleCare instance.

For more information, see Configure AppleCare GSX in the UEM console.