As an alternative to pre-registration, use Single-Staging with API to switch the user from the Workspace ONE UEM staging user to the Workspace ONE UEM directory or basic user.

Before using Single-Staging with API, ensure that the device is enrolled through Hub enrollment, Web enrollment, or Apple Configurator with a Workspace ONE UEM single-staging user.

Use the following (v2) API to switch the device assignment:

PATCH /api/mdm/devices/{id}/enrollmentuser/{enrollmentuserid}​


  • id – Workspace ONE UEM device ID​
  • enrollmentuserid – Workspace ONE UEM user ID

The header request must be:

Accept – application/json;version=2

Ensure you receive 200 OK as a return response which indicates that the device switching is complete with no errors.​ All assigned user profiles, commands, or applications start coming down to the device.