Compliance Policies

The compliance engine is an automated tool by Workspace ONE UEM that ensures all devices abide by your policies. These policies can include basic security settings such as requiring a passcode and having a minimum device lock period.

Compliance Policies in Workspace ONE UEM

For certain platforms, you can also decide to set and enforce certain precautions. These precautions include setting password strength, blocking certain apps, and requiring device check-in intervals to ensure that devices are safe and in-contact with Workspace ONE UEM. Once devices are determined to be out of compliance, the compliance engine warns users to address compliance errors to prevent disciplinary action on the device. For example, the compliance engine can trigger a message to notify the user that their device is out of compliance.

In addition, devices not in compliance cannot have device profiles assigned to it and cannot have apps installed on the device. If corrections are not made in the amount of time specified, the device loses access to certain content and functions that you define. The available compliance policies and actions vary by platform.

For more information about compliance policies, including which policies and actions are supported for a particular platform, see the Managing Devices documentation.

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