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What's in the Release Notes

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android Release Notes provide information on the new features and improvement in each release. This page includes a summary of the new features, resolved, and known issues reported in the latest version.

New Features

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.06 for Android

  • Native Date/Time configuration
    • Requires Android 9.0 or later and custom XML or future console release
  • Workspace ONE to Intelligent Hub Migration
    • Workspace ONE Access customers who have deployed Workspace ONE for Android can now seamlessly move their end users to Intelligent Hub. By meeting the prerequisites, end users are not required to re-enroll or re-register their device. They just simply need to begin using the new Intelligent Hub app.
  • Support for enrollment-specific Workspace ONE Access Policies
    • You now have the ability to specify a separate authentication policy for device enrollments and Intelligent Hub now supports this new configuration.
  • Verify (Multi-factor Authentication) in Intelligent Hub via Workspace ONE Access
    • With the new Verify (Intelligent Hub) authentication adapter, Workspace ONE now includes the industry’s first multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution built directly into the digital workplace. Users can leverage the Intelligent Hub on their mobile devices to take action on push multi-factor authentication requests without any additional end user setup. This can be combined with Risk-Based conditional access for an adaptive MFA experience. Existing VMware Verify customers are encouraged to upgrade to the new embedded MFA experience within the Intelligent Hub app.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.05 for Android

  • Remove authentication prompt when transitioning from SDK SSO PIN disabled to enabled.
    • Whereas previously all SSO transitions required authentication, now Hub will mirror our other SDK applications to no longer require authentication when setting up your first SSO PIN
  • Workspace ONE Access support for Auto Enrollment
    • Auto-enrollment flows such as QR code, Zero-Touch, and Knox Mobile Enrollment will now redirect users to Workspace ONE Access if that is the configured authentication mode.
      • If this redirection is not desired you can revert the authentication setting to UEM or include the following Provisioning Extra or custom JSON into your QR code, Zero Touch, or KME configuration: useUEMAuthentication":"true"
  • Network Logging (Requires a future release of Workspace ONE UEM console)
  • Enable or Disable Autofill (Requires custom XML or a future release of Workspace ONE UEM console)
  • Ability to disable secure start-up option for users when they are setting PIN on Android (Requires custom XML or a future release of Workspace ONE UEM console)
  • Android Legacy to Android Work Managed Migration for Zebra devices (Requires Workspace ONE UEM console 2006 or later)
  • Opening App Details from New Apps Notification
    • Intelligent Hub provides the ability to launch from the New App Notification into the App Details in the Apps tab, rather than rendering a hybrid UI.
  • Dynamic Privacy Screens in Hub
    • Intelligent Hub has now has the Privacy Web Clip embedded in the Privacy section and post enrollment/registration, if there are modifications to the device privacy posture, the end user will be notified of the changes.
  • Urgent Notification Card Update
    • Urgent Notification card receives a UI uplift by filling the entire screen and allowing the end users the ability to more effectively digest the critical information.
  • Enabling of SSO does not force reauth ahead of setting passcode
  • Hub Passport
    • Intelligent Hub supports the Passport Service

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.04 for Android

  • Updated user interface in People Tab: In this version, the People Tab is switched to an updated user interface rendering providing an experience that is more responsive and consistent with Android user interface frameworks.
  • Require device password for only the certificates that contain a password.
  • Share the same Samsung Knox license keys between the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and Workspace ONE Assist.
  • Order Device Flow in Hub Assistant: The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Virtual Assistant provides a conversational interface to help employees get answers to questions and complete workflows. It leverages the Workspace ONE mobile flows platform to integrate with third-party systems, similar to Hub Notifications.
    • Order devices through ServiceNow: Users can select devices by category from the ServiceNow catalog (Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets), view device details, and add items to the shopping cart. Upon checkout, this creates a ticket for the user and go through normal approval flows.
  • Introducing “For You” which replaces the Notification tab with a brand-new modernized page layout. This layout presents notifications in a way that is easy to discover what is important and easy to digest.
    • Priority: On top of the page will display notifications that are sent as high priority (P1) to always keep what is more important on top.
    • Actionable: Refers to notifications that require users to take an action such as taking a mandatory training or approving an expense report.
    • Informational: To not overwhelm users with good-to-know information, these notifications are at the bottom of the page. Once users view those notification cards, the badge count automatically decreases to match the innovative behavior patterns from LinkedIn and other popular applications. 
    • Urgent: Urgent notification (P0)  functionality remains the same. The weekly New App Notification are grouped under the Informational section.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.4+
  • Workspace ONE UEM console 1902 or later
  • VMware Zebra MX Service v4.8 for Android (If required)

How to Download VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android

  • Prior Version is Installed: Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed: Direct end users to download it from the Google Play Store.


Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.06 for Android
  • AAGNT-187391: Unable to open a .vcf file to import contacts when the file is pushed through a product.

  • AAGNT-187578: Physical memory is incorrectly reported for some devices.

  • AAGNT-187730: On certain Android devices available memory exceeds total memory of the device.

  • AAGNT-187916: Launcher profile is not pushed down when Geofencing is enabled.

  • AAGNT-188548: Hub last seen is not updating.

  • HUB-3818: Removing all apps from the UEM console does not update in Hub Catalog.

  • HUB-3857: User avatar is not showing in any tab other than the People tab.

  • HUB-4154: Fab Icon for Hub Assistant disappears on rotation in non-native catalog screens.

  • HUB-4210: "A.M." and "P.M." are not localized in the receiving time of the message details page.

  • HUB-4389: Clicking on Approve/Deny on a Notification shows system error.

  • HUB-4462: When migrated from Workspace ONE to Hub, Hub does not retain PBE behavior.

  • HUB-4551:Hub crashes when clicked on Support Tab

Resolved Issues for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.05 for Android
  • AAGNT-188567: Intelligent Hub crashes during change passcode or lock screens.

  • AAGNT-188564: Intelligent Hub for Android application crashes during SSO.

  • AAGNT-188414: Workspace ONE Launcher prompts user to change passcode on reboot.

  • AAGNT-188413: Android (Legacy) to Android Enterprise Migration - Migration final status is never reported if device looses connectivity during migration.

  • AAGNT-188122: COPE enrolled device is not prompting for device passcode change after the Maximum Device Passcode Age is expired.

  • AAGNT-187995: COPE enrolled device does not factory reset after max pin attempts in Work Profile.

  • HUB-4323: Hub is incorrectly reporting "Enrollment Is In Progress" status to UEM console for Android enrollment.

  • HUB-4180: Hub is displaying an incorrect order of tabs.

  • HUB-3977: Loading message appears in Preferences even though Mobile Flows are disabled in the given Organization Group.

  • HUB-3629: SDK secured preference and SDK configuration is not getting cleared upon unenrollment.

  • HUB-4309: "Apps" header missing in Favorites tab.

  • HUB-3937: "Categories" label is not aligned to the right for RTL mode.

  • HUB-3939: Account screen is not aligned to the right for RTL mode.

Resolved Issues for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.04 for Android
  • AAGNT-185888: Hub sends Launcher profile 2 times and causes flicker

  • AAGNT-187749: Android Device Administrator to Profile Owner migration fails with transaction size exception

  • AAGNT-187772: Samsung EFOTA auto update not working for Samsung devices due to unregistered devices being reported as registered by Hub

  • AAGNT-187844: Remove direct commit of HMAC to SDK preference and validate the changes

  • AAGNT-187854: Android update profile shows install failed on device Hub

  • AAGNT-187897: IMEI is not get sent by Hub through beacon for Android 10 devices

  • AAGNT-187941: QR Code Device Owner enrollment stops or Profile Owner enrollment stops intermittently

  • AAGNT-188281: Enrollment takes a lot of time to complete on a specific Organization Group

  • AAGNT-188314: Date/Time profile not accurately setting time on device

  • HUB-3568: Additional bottom padding for Device Details page in the Support tab

  • HUB-3648: Patching for an Illegal State Exception crash

  • HUB-3795: Hub title incorrectly changes on device rotation

  • HUB-3816: Clicking on in Support Tab launches Hub into login page for an enrolled device

  • HUB-3819: Disabling Favorites Tab requires force killing of Hub app to apply

  • HUB-3829: "Something went wrong with discovery" error message despite entering a value server URL

  • HUB-3858: People Tab displays two headers with a duplicate label

  • HUB-3860: People Tab not loading properly after a device orientation change

  • HUB-3862: Hub occasionally crashes on launch into For You Tab

  • HUB-3869: User interface issues within the People Tab

  • HUB-3880: For You Tab does not appear when enabled from the server

  • HUB-3882: Support Tab shows "Null" name when enabled for the first time

  • HUB-3887: My Peers section incorrectly appears in the People Tab

  • HUB-3915: Favorite icon not applying correct color in App Details page

  • HUB-3930: Removing an app from Favorites from App Details page does not remove app from Favorites Tab if number of apps exceeds screen size

  • HUB-3936: Icons incorrectly show in bottom action sheet of Favorites Tab when in RTL mode

  • HUB-3940: Buttons do not align in Support Tab when in RTL mode

  • HUB-3956: Unfavorited apps are not immediately removed from the Favorites Tab

  • HUB-3960: Hub crashes on a pull to refresh of Support Tab

  • HUB-3979: Localization issues in Hub Assistant

  • HUB-4082: Header missing for the Favorites Tab

  • HUB-4122: "Something went wrong" error messages appears in Hub

Known Issues

The known issues are grouped as follows.

Known Issues for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.06 for Android
  • We haven’t identified any notable known issues in this release. If you’re facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Known Issues for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.05 for Android
  • We haven’t identified any notable known issues in this release. If you’re facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Known Issues for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.04 for Android
  • We haven’t identified any notable known issues in this release. If you’re facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Known Issues for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.03 for Android
  • We haven’t identified any notable known issues in this release. If you’re facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.