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Workspace ONE SDK for Android | 18 February 2020 | Build 200218

Check for additions and updates to these release notes.

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

New Features

VMware Workspace ONE SDK 20.1 for Android

Continuous security updates.

VMware Workspace ONE SDK 19.11.1 for Android

  • This release resolves CVE-2020-3940. For more information on this vulnerability please see: VMSA-2020-0001.

VMware Workspace ONE SDK 19.11 for Android

  • Added APIs to start an app passcode change process.
  • We updated the documentation for the Network Library.

Note: We've removed SDKBaseContextService because it has been deprecated. Use the SDKContext init or LoginChain for initializing the SDKContext.

VMware Workspace ONE SDK 19.10 for Android

  • The SDK for Android now supports use of the new Tunnel protocol in addition to the legacy proxy protocol.
  • Updated SDK authentication UI to the latest Android Biometric APIs.
  • Added Javadoc improvements for Client SDK APIs.
  • Making continuous security improvements.

VMware Workspace ONE SDK 19.9 for Android

  • The SDK presented UI now supports Dark Mode (also known as Night Mode or Dark Theme).
  • SDK applications are no longer permitted to run on the personal side of a COPE enrolled device.
  • The SSID restriction has been deprecated and the SDK APIs have been removed. See this knowledge base article for more details.
  • Continuous security improvements.

Minimum Requirements

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements.

  • API Level 19 or later
  • Android Studio with the Gradle Android Build System (Gradle) 3.3.0 or later
  • Knowledge in Android Development
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub v5.3 for Android or Workspace ONE 3.0 or later
  • Workspace ONE UEM Console v9.7 or later

Download Instructions

Use the link to access the Workspace ONE SDK.


Find developer guides to implement the SDK and the privacy module for the Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) on VMware {code}.

Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 20.1
  • ASDK-171385: Resolved a potential crash issue caused by race conditions.

  • ASDK-171498: Resolved an issue where reaching the maximum number of failed attempts with SSO disabled was enterprise wiping the device instead of wiping only the affected SDK app.

Resolved Issues for 19.11.1
  • No resolved issues to report.

Resolved Issues for 19.11
  • ASDK-171207: Resolved an issue where re-installing an SDK application after upgrading from certain SDK versions rendered the app unusable.

  • ASDK-171260: Resolved an issue where the copy / paste menu was misplaced in the UI when DLP was enabled.

  • ASDK-171317: Resolved an issue where PAC file configurations with standard proxy were not functioning.

Resolved Issues for 19.10
  • ASDK-171122, ASDK-171196, and ASDK-171222: Made fixes to the SDK sample app.

Resolved Issues for 19.9
  • ASDK-170795: Resolved an issue where SCEP integrated authentication certificates were not being retrieved when the SDK app re-enrolled.

  • ASDK-171014: Resolved a UI issue where the text fields for entering the server URL and group were erroneously masking the input.