See the VMware AirWatch App Wrapping release notes for the latest features, bug fixes, and known issues. App wrapping allows you to secure your enterprise applications with little code changes by wrapping your internal applications with a layer of Workspace ONE UEM features. 

New Features

VMware AirWatch App Wrapping 6.3

  •  We've updated the wrapping engine to Workspace ONE SDK v21.3 for Android.
  •  We've updated the wrapping engine to Workspace ONE SDK v21.4.1 for iOS.
  •  Added support for iOS apps built on macOS Big Sur.
  •  Added support for the Apple, G3 Certificate chain for signing iOS apps.

VMware AirWatch App Wrapping 6.2

  • We've integrated the latest Workspace ONE SDK for Android v20.9 with the wrapping engine. 
  • We've integrated the latest Workspace ONE SDK for iOS v20.9 with the wrapping engine.
  • We've added support for Android 11 in the wrapping engine.

VMware AirWatch App Wrapping 6.1.1

VMware AirWatch App Wrapping is prepared to support the newest version of iOS.

Minimum Requirements

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements.

  • iOS 12 or later or Android OS 6.0 or later
  • Workspace ONE UEM Console v2001 or later
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub v20.06 for Android and iOS

Download Instructions

Customers using the Cloud App Wrapping Engine receive an automatic upgrade.

Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 6.3
  • SWRAP-173401: Fixed an issue with the support for the Apple, G3 Certificate chain.

  • SWRAP-173402: Fixed an issue with wrapping iOS apps that were failing to wrap with the error code 3081.

Resolved Issues for 6.2
  • SWRAP-173390: Fixed an issue where a specific internal app would fail to wrap with the app wrapping engine v6.1. 

  • SWRAP-173391: Fixed an issue where specific wrapped Android apps would crash upon launch.

Resolved Issues for 6.1.1
  • SWRAP-173365: Fixed an issue with clarification that occurred when the library structure of an app changed after wrapping. 

  • SWRAP-173384: Fixed an issue where wrapped apps were crashing when encryption was set to True.

Known Issues

  • We haven’t identified any notable known issues in this release. If you’re facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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