What's in the Release Notes

VMware Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS Release Notes details new features and enhancements in each release. This page contains a summary of the new capabilities, resolved issues, and known issues reported in each version.

NOTE: To standardize the configuration of our productivity applications, in VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 22.05, we will be removing the key AppForceActivateSSO from the Application Configuration settings. Workspace ONE Boxer will function as though it has AppForceActivateSSO enabled with a passcode set in SDK settings. If you are using the Workspace ONE Boxer passcode, you will need to set up and configure an SSO passcode in SDK settings. Please see the KB article to ensure you are ready for this migration in the next release of Workspace ONE Boxer.

Workspace ONE Boxer 22.05 for iOS - May 2022

New Features

  • Migration from App level to SDK passcode for standalone enrolled devices

    • Workspace ONE Boxer passcode settings are ignored for standalone enrolled devices.
    • Passcode settings are present in the Workspace ONE UEM Console SDK settings (Console at Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps Settings and Policies > Security Policies > Authentication Type)
    • Administrators must set passcode settings in the Workspace ONE SDK SSO password/passcode settings for their users to continue using the passcode/password on Workspace ONE Boxer.
    • For more information about the deprecation of Workspace ONE Boxer app passcode for standalone enrolled devices, see the KB article.
  • [Optional] KVP for Resource URL for ENS

    • PolicyENSResourceURL is a new, account-based KVP, of type string.
    • This KVP is used only for hybrid modern authentication with Resource URL and not the O365 URL.
    • When the KVP is enabled, administrators can configure a specific Resource URL.
    • To fetch the oAuth access token, Workspace ONE Boxer and ENS (Email Notification Service) must use the configured Resource URL. Hence, Workspace ONE Boxer must share the Resource URL with ENS as part of the register request payload.

Minimum Requirements

  • Following are the minimum requirements for Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS:

    • iOS 13 or later
    • Workspace ONE UEM 2011 or later

Resolved Issues

  • BINXI-19821 [Conversation view] Forwarded or Replied email stays as draft in the email thread after the email is sent

  • BINXI-19838 [Email] Inline images are not displayed

  • BINXI-19982 [Drafts] Edited drafts do not contain the latest changes after autosave

  • BINXI-20021 [Event Details] Event details are displayed incorrectly when an invitee with a long name is added to the event

  • BINXI-20024 [Calendar Widget] Calendar widget does not receive the correct time zone

  • BINXI-20074 [Email Attachments] Scanned document from the iOS Notes application cannot be attached to the email because only a link is displayed

Known Issues

  • Known Issues for Workspace ONE Boxer 22.05 for iOS

    We have not identified any notable known issues in this release. If you are facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Workspace ONE Boxer 22.04 for iOS - April 2022

New Features

  • Integration with Workspace ONE Notebook

    • Prerequisites:
      • Managed account on Exchange server On-premises or Office 365
      • The Workspace ONE Notebook application must be already configured in the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    • In the Email Action grid, a new button, Notebook is added.
    • With this integration, Workspace ONE Boxer users are able to convert an email from Workspace ONE Boxer to a note or task in Workspace ONE Notebook by tapping on the Notebook button.
      • All data from the email is populated in the note or task.
      • To deactivate the Notebook button, the Workspace ONE Boxer administrator must set the PolicyEnableNotebookFeature (bool) KVP to false in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

        NOTE: When the KVP is set to false, Workspace ONE Boxer integration with Workspace ONE Notebook is also deactivated.

  • Remove highlighted, quoted text with user setting

    • The following user setting is introduced: Settings -> Mail -> Conversation view -> Highlighted quoted text
    • By default, the user setting is ON.
    • This setting affects the following screens: Reply email, Reply All email, and Forward email.
    • When the setting is set to OFF, the vertical line that outlines the quoted previous emails is removed.

Minimum Requirements

  • Following are the minimum requirements for Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS:

    • iOS 13 or later
    • Workspace ONE UEM 2011 or later

Resolved Issues

  • BINXI-19602 [Login] Prompt for entering password is displayed when SDK and the Workspace ONE Boxer passcode are deactivated

  • BINXI-19729 [Event Details] When end time is earlier than start time, the event cannot be changed to "All day"

  • BINXI-19730 [Calendar All day event] The time picker stays visible even when the user sets the event to "All day"

  • BINXI-19732 [Widgets] For small widgets, the text, You have no upcoming events is not aligned to the left to stay along the same line as the date

  • BINXI-19733 [Widgets] Calendar opens from the widget for a preselected date in the calendar instead of the current date

  • BINXI-19734 [Widgets] Middle and Large size widgets are not aligned along the same line

  • BINXI-19754 [Visual Scheduler] While editing an event, the event continues to be displayed in the calendar preview and this makes the event look like a duplicate

  • BINXI-19782 [Share Sheet] User is unable to share if Workspace ONE Boxer is open and the passcode is not entered

  • BINXI-19824 [Contacts] The user is unable to navigate back when Compose email is opened from the recent Contacts tab

  • BINXI-19825 [Contacts] Navigation bar overlaps in Compose email screen when the user opens a contact from this screen and goes back to the screen using the Back button

  • BINXI-19834 [Shared Mailboxes] Delegated account cannot be added due to the DLP restriction

  • BINXI-19851 [Email] Email body is missing when an email is forwarded from a delegated account

  • BINXI-19907 [Online Meetings] Join Teams Call link for meetings in Microsoft Teams does not work when the Workspace ONE UEM console setting for the Safari web browser is deactivated

  • BINXI-19922 [Calendar Widget] Calendar shows the 24-Hour time format even when the Time option in Date and Time settings is set to 12-Hour format

  • BINXI-19946 [Calendar] Calendar events are not shown when imported from a CSV file

  • BINXI-19976 [Enrollment] App Access Denied is displayed when a user tries to use Workspace ONE Boxer on a device in the standalone enrollment mode

Known Issues

  • Known Issues for Workspace ONE Boxer 22.04 for iOS

    We have not identified any notable known issues in this release. If you are facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Workspace ONE Boxer 22.03 for iOS - March 2022

New Features

  • Native share sheet

    • Native share sheets allow sending images, videos, links, files, and text directly from any native iOS application to Workspace ONE Boxer. 
    • The feature displays the Workspace ONE Boxer icon among the other sharing options every time a user taps the sharing icon for a particular content. 
    • When the Workspace ONE Boxer sharing option is selected, the user is redirected to the Compose Email screen where the content selected to share is already placed. 
    • This feature uses a new KVP, PolicyAllowNativeShare (bool) with the default state as False.
    •  The Native share sheet feature has the following policy dependencies: 
      • Control Open In (PolicyAllowOpenIn KVP) - PolicyAllowOpenIn KVP is used when the PolicyAllowNativeShare KVP is not set with any value. If the value of PolicyAllowOpenIn is false, Native share sheet feature is deactivated.
      • Forward/Add Attachments (PolicyAllowAttachments KVP) - If Native share sheet is allowed and this policy is restricted, the user is informed that they are not allowed to share attachments when starting a share action for files and images. 
      • Prevent Paste In (SDK) - If Native share sheet is allowed and this policy is restricted, the user is informed that paste is not allowed, and they cannot share texts and links when starting a share action for texts and links. 
      • If both Forward/Add Attachments and Prevent Paste in (SDK) are restricted, then native sharing too is completely restricted.
  • iOS Calendar Widget

    • Pre-req: iOS 14 and later 
    • The widget displays upcoming events of a user. 
    • The widget has three sizes – small, medium, and large with variable information density. 
    • The feature has automatic light and dark mode colors. 
    • If the Calendar Widget feature is enabled, users can view their events in a Workspace ONE Boxer Calendar Widget when the users have added the calendar widget to their home screens.
    • To enable this feature for managed devices, PolicyAllowCalendarWidget (bool) KVP must be added to the Workspace ONE UEM console and the value must be set to true.

  • Visual Scheduler Improvements

    • Change in date and time selection. 
      • Visual Scheduler uses the new date and time pickers, introduced in iOS 15.  
    • Monochromatic colors in Visual Scheduler. 
      • A user can activate this functionality by using the following setting: Workspace ONE Boxer -> Settings -> Calendar -> More -> VS monochromatic colors
      • When the functionality is activated, monochromatic colors override event colors for better visualization of the available time.

  • KVP for Item Operation sync for IRM templates

    • Pre-req: managed account on Exchange server - on-prem  
    • Pre-req: IRM enabled  
    • A new KVP, PolicyRefetchRMSTemplateUsingItemOperations (bool) is used. 
      • If the KVP value is set to True, Workspace ONE Boxer stores the IRM template in the Item Operations request. The KVP is set on an account level.  
    • If the IRM template is missing from the sync request from Workspace ONE Boxer, Workspace ONE Boxer tries to fetch the IRM template again using the Item Operations request. Until the request completes, the following occur: 
      • Workspace ONE Boxer sets the email body to nil and triggers Item Operation request. 
      • By default, Workspace ONE Boxer applies all IRM restrictions to emails (Reply, Reply All, Forward).

  • Screenshots blocking for iOS

    This is a Workspace ONE iOS SDK functionality. Users see a blocking message when taking a screenshot. However, the blocking message does not prevent the user from capturing the screenshot. 

    For more information about the SDK, see the VMware Workspace ONE iOS Developer Guide.

Minimum Requirements

  • Following are the minimum requirements for Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS:

    • iOS 13 or later
    • Workspace ONE UEM 2011 or later

Resolved Issues

  • BINXI-18858 [Event Details] When a Cisco Jabber hyperlink is accessed from a calendar invite or an email body, the hyperlink does not redirect to the Jabber application

  • BINXI-19532 [Email] Email body does not load after opening from a notification

  • BINXI-19459 [Contacts View] Navigation bar in Contact Details changes background color when dragging down to close the screen

  • BINXI-19342 [Files] File received as an email attachment is not removed from the device even after the email is deleted

  • BINXI-19508 [Calendar] Workspace ONE Boxer Calendar time and the device time are not in synchronization

  • BINXI-19344 [MIP] On the Sensitivity screen, the email setting cells have a lot of space between them

  • BINXI-19343 [Drafts] Attachment icon is missing in an email draft at the initial save

  • BINXI-19345 [Voice over] Recipients section in Compose email screen cannot be expanded after the section is collapsed

Known Issues

  • Known Issues for Workspace ONE Boxer 22.03 for iOS

    We have not identified any notable known issues in this release. If you’re facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Workspace ONE Boxer 22.02 for iOS - February 2022

New Features

  • SAML Authentication Support

    • Pre-req: managed account on Exchange server - On-Prem or Office 365.
    • This feature allows faster authentication process and less expectation from the user to remember multiple login credentials.
    • App passcode settings must be updated in the Workspace ONE UEM console. For more information about how to configure these settings, see the KB article.

  • Accessibility Improvements

Resolved Issues

  • BINXI-19481 [Hero Cards] Delayed Invite Hero Card Visualization

  • BINXI-19371 [Authentication] All options on the iOS Boxer are greyed out when authenticated only with a primary account in MMA config

  • BINXI-19375 [Contacts] Contacts menu is hidden when switched to a tab and navigated back to Contacts tab

  • BINXI-19368 [Contacts] Edit contact icon is missing

  • BINXI-19358 [UI] Custom back button image is not updated

  • BINXI-18858 [Event Details] Cisco Jabber app is not opened when the hyperlink is selected

  • BINXI-18802 [Email Compose] Input fields in compose view hide when the keyboard expands

  • BINXI-19203 [S/MIME] Attachments don't show when they are in a reply to an S/MIME encrypted or signed email

  • BINXI-19187 [Calendar] Calendar events have multiple duplications

  • BINXI-19196 [Create Event] A snack bar message with Undo button is not displayed when the event is created from email compose screen

  • BINXI-19243 [Event Details] Invitees list items background colour changes to grey when the invitees list is scrolled

  • BINXI-19077 [Email Reply] Replies to RTF emails with attachments within the same domain do not show attachment references

Known Issues

  • Known Issues for Workspace ONE Boxer 22.02 for iOS

    We have not identified any notable known issues in this release. If you’re facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Minimum Requirements

  • Following are the minimum requirements for Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS:

    • iOS 13 or later
    • Workspace ONE UEM 2011 or later

Download Instructions

  • Prior Version is Installed: Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed: Direct end users to download it from the App Store.
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