Workspace ONE UEM supports shared devices scenarios for Android and iOS platforms. Examples of scenarios that use a shared pool of devices include shared mobile nursing devices for healthcare and shared mobile point of sale devices for retail. For information on how to configure Workspace ONE UEM, find use cases that outline how to set user accounts, how to set up device enrollment, and how to configure and deploy profiles to facilitate your shared devices deployment.

Configure Shared Android Devices for your Shift Workers

You can configure Workspace ONE UEM to provide your shift workers, and other roles that share devices, access to corporate resources. Configure and use different apps, policies, and branding based on a user's role. To ensure user privacy, certain apps can have their app data cleared between user sessions.

Configure Shared iOS Devices for Shift Workers

Workspace ONE UEM offers different solutions to enable iOS devices for shared purposes. You can configure Workspace ONE UEM to provide your shift workers access to corporate resources. This use case outlines how to configure and assign different apps and policies to shift workers based on their roles.

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