Welcome to the VMware Workspace ONE® documentation site. Learn how you can configure and manage a Workspace ONE digital workspace that includes the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app for mobile devices and app management.

When Hub Services is integrated, a unified catalog, actionable notification to inform employees, and a people directory is available for full digital workspace experience.

Note: Workspace ONE Intelligence documentation and release notes have moved to their own page. Find the new navigation page at Workspace ONE Intelligence Documentation.

Resources to Get You Started

To start using Workspace ONE with Hub Services, activate the Hub Services. Next, you can start setting up the Hub Services for your organization.

For Cloud deployments, Horizon Cloud desktop and app assignments can be added to the Hub catalog directly from the Horizon Cloud admin console. A Virtual App Collection is no longer required. See Administration of Your Horizon Cloud Tenant Environment and Your Fleet of Onboarded Pods.

Deploy and configure the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app.

Access content about deploying VMware Workspace ONE with Workspace ONE Access.

Install and configure the Workspace ONE Access connector to integrate with Workspace ONE UEM for single sign-on authentication from UEM-managed devices.

More Ways to Learn About Workspace ONE

If you want to learn more about what Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub does and how it can help you deliver and manage apps and devices with a digital platform, access Workspace ONE.

Want to use Workspace ONE features in a virtual environment to learn about them, access VMware Hands-on Labs Online.

Digital Workspace Tech Zone

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Additional Workspace ONE Resources

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