Whitelist the applicable URL destinations because they are a region of the cloud service. These destinations are needed for communication between the Workspace ONE UEM database and the cloud-based reports service.

Whitelist the api.sandbox.data.vmwservices.com, artifactrepo.data.vmwservices.com, and discovery.awmdm.com URLs for all regions. The installer calls these endpoints for a list of all supported regions.

Each URL represents a region of the cloud service and is selected based on the location of your enterprise data. The United States (Sandbox) is for UAT environments.

Whitelist the URLs depending on your region.
Table 1. Whitelist URL Destinations - All Regions
URL Destination Protocol Port
api.sandbox.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
artifactrepo.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
discovery.awmdm.com HTTPS 443
Table 2. Whitelist URL Destinations - United States (UAT Environment)
URL Destination Protocol Port
auth.sandbox.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eventproxy.sandbox.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
sandbox.data.vmwareservices.com HTTPS 443
Table 3. Whitelist URL Destinations - United States (Production)
URL Destination Protocol Port
api.na1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
auth.na1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eventproxy.na1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
na1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
Table 4. Whitelist URL Destinations - Canada
URL Destination Protocol Port
api.ca1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
auth.ca1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
ca1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eventproxy.ca1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
Table 5. Whitelist URL Destinations - Frankfurt
URL Destination Protocol Port
api.eu1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
auth.eu1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eu1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eventproxy.eu1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
Table 6. Whitelist URL Destinations - Ireland
URL Destination Protocol Port
api.eu2.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
auth.eu2.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eu2.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eventproxy.eu2.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
Table 7. Whitelist URL Destinations - Sydney
URL Destination Protocol Port
api.au1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
au1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
auth.au1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eventproxy.au1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
Table 8. Whitelist URL Destinations - Tokyo
URL Destination Protocol Port
ap1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
api.ap1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
auth.ap1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443
eventproxy.ap1.data.vmwservices.com HTTPS 443