The VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector service collects data from your Workspace ONE UEM database and pushes it to the cloud service.

Download the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector.

You must install it on its own server. For additional information about the installation process of other Workspace ONE UEM application servers, refer to the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Installation Guide.

Important: If you upgrade the Workspace ONE UEM database as part of the upgrade process, you must stop the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector Service during the Workspace ONE UEM Database upgrade. You must then restart the service after finishing the upgrade process.
Important: If you must change the setting for Deployment Region, do not run the installer again.


Ensure you have whitelisted the applicable URLs so the connector installation process can communicate with the correct cloud-based reports service. For the list of URLs, access URLs to Whitelist for On-Premises by Region.

If you use a proxy server and want to use it with the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector, make sure you have whitelisted specific destinations. If you do not whitelist the listed destinations, the installation can fail. For details, access URLs to Whitelist for the Use of a Proxy Server in On-Premises Deployments.

Meet the hardware, software, and network requirements needed to install, configure, and use VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence. For more information access Workspace ONE Intelligence Requirements.


  1. Download the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector installer on to the server you configured for the service.
  2. Run the installer and select Next.
  3. Accept the Terms of Use and select Next.
  4. Ensure that the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector Service is selected as a feature to install. Select Next.
    The installer detects the version of Java installed on the application server. If the installer does not detect the required version, the required version installs.
  5. Enter the Database server settings.
    Setting Description
    Database server that you are installing to

    Select Browse next to the Database server text box and select your Workspace ONE UEM Database from the list.

    If you are using a custom port, do not select Browse. Instead, use the following syntax: DBHostName,<customPortNumber>, then select Browse to select the database server.

    For example,, 8043.

    Connect using
    Select one of the following authentication methods.
    • Windows Authentication uses a service account on the Windows server to authenticate.

      You are prompted to enter the service account that you want to use. This service account is used to run all the application pools and Workspace ONE UEM-related services. The service account must have Workspace ONE UEM Database access.

    • SQL Server Authentication uses the SQL server authentication method.

      You are prompted to enter the user name and password.

    Name of database catalog Enter the name of the Workspace ONE UEM database or browse the SQL server and select it from a list.
  6. Select the Destination Folder in which to install the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector Service.
  7. Configure the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector Service settings.
    1. Select the deployment region for your cloud service. Ensure that the right region is selected.

      Do not run the installer again if you must change this region in the future.

      If you upgrade your Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector Service from a previous version, this screen does not display because you cannot change your region during an upgrade.

    2. Enter your Workspace ONE UEM Installation Token.
      This token is created as part of the Workspace ONE UEM Installation process.
  8. (Optional) Enter proxy information.
    Find this information in the Workspace ONE UEM console in Groups & Settings > All Settings > Installation > Proxy > Console Proxy Settings.
  9. Select Install to install the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector Service. After the installation finishes, select Finish.