To use Automations, set up communication with APIs, register third-party services used for remediation, and configure workflows to carry out remediation actions.

If you do not follow all these steps, automation does not work.


For on-premises deployments that put the Workspace ONE UEM server behind a firewall, you can use automations and API functionality. However, these deployments must use the VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG) and set it as a reverse proxy. For details, access Configure Reverse Proxy With VMware Workspace ONE UEM API.


  1. Review the requirements for automation.
  2. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, create and use a Workspace ONE UEM Administrator account specific for automation with API permissions.
  3. Generate an API key in Workspace ONE UEM so that Workspace ONE Intelligence can use it to connect to any third-party service.
  4. Enter the API key and authentication credentials from Workspace ONE UEM to Workspace ONE Intelligence.
  5. Register third-party services with Workspace ONE Intelligence.
  6. Configure workflows for remediation and reporting.