You can control the cost of your application licenses with the integration of the app approvals workflow. Many Win32 applications have expensive licenses. You can use app approvals to restrict who can install these applications and to control the cost to manage these resources.

The integration brings several systems together to process app approval requests.
  • Workspace ONE UEM - Manages the application and distributes it to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub catalog on devices.
  • VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence - Communicates between your ServiceNow environment and your Workspace ONE UEM deployment.
  • ServiceNow - Manages the request and the approval process.

General Process Flow for App Approvals

App approvals start with a user requesting to install an app on a Windows 10 device.
  1. Users request to install applications through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on their devices.
  2. VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence sends requests to ServiceNow. The requests contain information about users, devices, and requested applications.
  3. ServiceNow processes requests according to workflows (configured in ServiceNow) and according to company policies.
  4. ServiceNow sends responses back to VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence.
    Responses include approvals or rejections.
    • Approvals result in the automatic installation of applications.
    • Rejections result in returns to Request states in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
  5. If approved, Workspace ONE UEM sends the app to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for installing on the device.