With ServiceNow CMDB, you can simplify operations, solve issues faster, and make data driven decisions. Also, you can track assets and have ITOM Visibility with the Workspace ONE UEM and ServiceNow CMDB integration.

Before You Begin

To use this Service Graph connector, you need a subscription to a Subscription Unit based in the ITOM Visibility application or in the ITOM Discovery application. Also, you must be able to access the API settings. Create API configurations in Workspace ONE UEM at the Organization Group relevant to this setup (typically the latest parent group including all device and app data).

ServiceNow CMDB supported versions:

  • Workspace ONE UEM - any version
  • ServiceNow - must be at least Orlando or later

Configure ServiceNow CMDB

  1. Set up the Service Graph Connector. You need the following information to complete the graph connector setup:
    Form Description
    Application Registries Form OAuth authentication credentials. You don't need these credentials when configuring Basic Authentication credentials.
    HTTP(s) Connection Form HTTP connection settings for Basic Authentication
    Data Source Form Validate data source settings
    Status Values of Applications Status of applications you want to import
    Scheduled Data Import Form Pre-populated scheduled data
    Connection Form Connection settings for another OAuth connection
    SG-Workspace ONE UEM Create Data Source and Scheduled Import Form Service graph data sources and scheduled data import settings for another OAuth connection

    For information on setting up the Service Graph Connector, see Service Graph Connector for VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

  2. Complete API integration. To complete the integration, you need the API URL for your instance that appears under Settings > System > Advanced > API > REST API.
  3. Configure the connection for authentication.

    Option 1: Configure OAuth Client. Authentication appears in the Workspace ONE UEM console under Settings & Groups > Configurations > OAuth Client Management.

    Option 2: Configure Basic Authentication in Workspace ONE UEM.

    1. Create and use a Workspace ONE UEM Administrator account for Service Graph with API permissions.
    2. Select the organization group for connecting to third-party services.
    3. To generate an API key, go to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > Rest API. Workspace ONE Intelligence uses the API key to connect to any third-party service.