Workspace ONE is built on the endpoint and identity management infrastructures of Workspace ONE UEM and VMware Identity Manager. It can also integrate with VMware Horizon to offer robust features for the digital workspace.

To install and configure Workspace ONE, use an instance of VMware Identity Manager and Workspace ONE UEM. Configure and deploy policies in these two systems to the Workspace ONE app on devices.

If you already use virtual desktops and apps, integrate VMware Horizon 7 with VMware Identity Manager to leverage these virtual resources.

Components for Installation

The Workspace ONE platform uses connectors to integrate components. These systems communicate through the connectors, and this enables admins to send policies and configurations through their respective consoles to the Workspace ONE app on devices.

  • VMware Identity Manager - Offers user directories, access policies, web apps, and authentication methods, to control user access to resources.

  • Workspace ONE UEM - Uses device, app, content, and email management to control the endpoint access to resources.

  • VMware Horizon - Runs remote desktops and applications in the data center, and delivers these virtual desktops and applications to employees as a managed service.

  • A Connector

    • VMware Identity Manager Connector - Provides directory integration, user authentication, and integration with resources such as Horizon 7 for on-premises deployments.

    • Cloud Connector - Provides organizations with the ability to integrate Workspace ONE UEM with their back-end enterprise systems.