After you configure the Token Auth API in Workspace ONE Access, you enable the authentication method and add the authentication method in a built-in identity provider in the Workspace One Access console.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console Integrations > Authentication Methods page, Select Token Auth Adapter and click CONFIGURE.
  2. Enable the Token Auth Adapter and Save.
  3. Go to the Integrations > Identity Providers page, and select the identity provider name that is associated with the directory that is syncing the pre-hire user group from Active Directory.
  4. In the Authentications Methods section, select Token Auth Adapter to associate this auth method in the built-in identity provider.
  5. Click Save.

What to do next

Edit the default access policy to create a rule to enable the magic link. See How to Set Up the Pre-Hire Onboarding Experience in VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.