Direct users to download, install, and run the Workspace ONE application from the Apple App store.


  1. Users open the app, enter their server URL and email address, and authenticate according to the configuration for their environment.
  2. The Additional setup is required by your company screen displays.
    Figure 1. Notification of Setting up Device Enrollment
  3. If Terms of Use is configured, users are asked to accept the terms of use before proceeding.
  4. If you set up the optional prompts to show the device ownership type and request the device asset number, this information is displayed.
    Figure 2. Device Ownership Selection
  5. Safari is opened and users click Allow to open the Settings page.
    Figure 3. Allow Configuration Profile Settings

    The Workspace Services and configuration profile are configured on the device.

    The device is now enrolled in Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE is launched. The Recommended for You screen is displayed.
    Figure 4. Recommended Applications Screen

  6. Users can select the applications they want to install or they can skip this step for now.


The device is now managed by Workspace ONE UEM MDM. If recommended applications were selected to be installed, users begin to receive push notifications for those applications.