In the Workspace ONE UEM console, you can use the Workspace ONE Getting Started tools to guide you through many of the configuration steps to integrate Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE Access services to create the Workspace ONE environment.

The Getting Started tools do not replace the ability to configure or edit any individual setting, but significantly automates the initial setup for most customers.

The Workspace ONE Identity and Access Management getting started tools can be used to set up the following.

  • Connect to Workspace ONE Access service. You are sent to the Systems > Enterprise > Workspace ONE Access page to enter your Workspace ONE Access tenant URL, admin user name, and admin password.
  • AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) and Directory. The wizard walks you through the steps to set up the AirWatch Cloud Connector and configure the Active Directory connection from the Workspace ONE UEM cloud connector to import users and groups from your company's directory.
  • Auto Discovery. Register your email domain in the auto discovery service to make it easier for end users to access their apps portal through the Workspace ONE application. End users then enter their email address instead of the organization's URL.
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. You are sent to the Workspace ONE UEM Intelligent Hub Configuration page to configure your tenant to use Hub Services.
    Note: The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app with Hub Services is not available for on-premises and dedicated SaaS deployments.
  • Employee Email template

The Getting Started wizard alerts you if existing potentially conflicting configurations are already enabled in Workspace ONE UEM or the Workspace ONE Access services. If this occurs, or the getting started wizard only partially completes the steps, features can be configured manually. Use this guide to configure the Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE Access services manually for Workspace ONE.