The following tasks must be completed to configure single sign-on authentication in Workspace ONE Access.

  • Install and configure the Workspace ONE Access connector for Windows to provide directory integration, user authentication, and integration to resources such as Horizon 7. See the latest Installing VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector guide on the Workspace ONE Access Documentation Center.
  • Create a directory, and sync Users and Groups from Workspace ONE UEM service to Workspace ONE Access service.

  • Enable and configure authentication methods to use for device single sign-on.
  • Enable compliance checking to verify that managed devices adhere to Workspace ONE UEM compliance policies.
  • Set up conditional access policies to include compliance checking rules and to manage the users' access to resources.
  • Map Workspace ONE Access domains to multiple Organization Groups in Workspace ONE UEM In Workspace ONE UEM environments configured for multi-tenancy, you enter device organization group IDs and API keys to map multiple OGs to a domain.