You can add Web applications to your catalog by either selecting them from the cloud application catalog or creating new ones.

The cloud application catalog contains commonly used enterprise Web applications. These applications are partially configured and you must provide additional information to complete the application record. You might also need to work with your Web application account representatives to complete other required setup.

Many of the applications in the cloud application catalog use SAML 2.0 or 1.1 to exchange authentication and authorization data to enable single sign-on from Workspace ONE to the Web application.

When you create an application, you need to enter all the configuration information for the application. The configuration varies based on the type of application you are adding. For applications with no federation protocol, you only require a Target URL.

While adding an application, you also select an access policy to control user access to the application. A default access policy is available and you can also create new policies from the Identity & Access Management > Manage > Policies page. See Workspace ONE Access Administration guide for more information about access policies.