To register a domain, you enter your email domain and email address in the VMware Identity Manager console Auto Discovery page.

An email message with an activation-token is sent to your email address on the domain. To activate the domain registration, you enter the token in the Auto Discovery page and verify that the domain you registered is your domain.

Note: To set up auto discovery for VMware Identity Manager on-premises deployments, you must log in to the VMware Identity Manager console as the local admin. You enter the Workspace ONE UEM ID and password that you created in the Workspace ONE UEM Web site,


  1. In the VMware Identity Manager console, Identity & Access Management tab, click Setup > Auto Discovery.
  2. (On-premises deployments only). Configure the Workspace ONE UEM auto discovery URL.
    Option Description
    Auto Discovery URL Enter the URL as
    AirWatch ID Enter the email address you registered with Workspace ONE UEM to log in to their Web site.
    Password Enter the password associated with the Workspace ONE UEM account.
  3. In the Email Domain text box, enter your organizations email domain to register.
  4. In the Confirmation Email Address text box, enter an email address on that email domain to receive the verification token.
  5. Click OK.
    The status of this email domain registration is marked Pending. You can have only one pending email domain at a time.
  6. Navigate to the email and copy the activation token that is in the message.
  7. Return to the Identity & Access Management > Auto Discovery page and paste the token in the Activation Token text box
  8. Click Verify to register the domain.


The email domain is registered and is added to the list of registered email domains on the Auto Discovery page.

End users can now enter their email address in the Workspace ONE application to access their app portal.

What to do next

If you have more than one email domain, add another email domain to register.