When deploying the Workspace ONE application as a managed application in Workspace ONE UEM and you enable Send Application Configurations when you push the Workspace ONE app from the Workspace ONE UEM console, you can preconfigure Workspace ONE settings that are applied when users install and start the Workspace ONE app.

When the Workspace ONE application is uploaded to the Workspace ONE UEM console as a managed mobile application, you can configure the VMware Workspace ONE Server URL, the device UID value, and requirement for certificate authentication in Android devices.

Table 1. Workspace ONE Managed Device Configurations Options in Workspace ONE UEM Console


Configuration Key

Value Type

Configuration Value





<VMware Workspace ONE Server URL>

Configures the server URL for VMware Workspace ONE on devices.




{DeviceUid} Enter the device UID value.

Do not use the Insert Lookup Value function.

Tracks the devices used to authenticate to the VMware Identity Manager environment.





Beginning with the Workspace ONE application version 3.1, the SkipDiscoveryScreen configuration key can be configured.

When set to True, Workspace ONE tries to move past the email address/server URL screen. When used with the AppServiceHost configuration key, users are immediately taken to the authentication screen. If mobile SSO is also used, admins can provide end users with a seamless experience whereby they start Workspace ONE and immediately begin loading their Workspace ONE app.

Android and iOS



0 - The Remove Account option displays

1 - The Remove Account option does not display

If the value is not set, the Remove Account option is displayed.

When the value is set to 1, the Remove Account option does not display in the users Workspace ONE Settings page. Users cannot remove the Workspace ONE account from their device.

When this value is set to 0 or no value is set, the Remove Account option displays. If users click Remove Account, Workspace ONE UEM performs an enterprise wipe of the device and unenrolls the device from Workspace ONE UEM.