You configure the VMware Identity Manager settings in the Workspace ONE UEM console to establish a connection between your organization group instance of the Workspace ONE UEM Directory and VMware Identity Manager. This connection is used to sync users and groups to a directory created in the VMware Identity Manager service.

Users and groups initially sync to the VMware Identity Manager directory manually. The Workspace ONE UEM sync schedule determines when users and groups sync with the VMware Identity Manager directory.

When a user or a group is added or deleted on the Workspace ONE UEM server, the change is reflected on the VMware Identity Manager service immediately.


  • VMware Identity Manager local admin name and password.

  • Identify attribute values to map from the Workspace ONE UEM directory. See Managing User Attributes Mapping.


  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, Groups & Settings, All Settings page, select the Global > Customer-level organization group and navigate to System > Enterprise Integration >VMware Identity Manager.
  2. In the Server section, click Configure.

    The configuration button is only available when the Directory Service is also configured for the same organization group. If the Configure button is not visible, you are not in the correct organization group. You can change the organization group in the Global drop-down menu.

  3. Enter the VMware Identity Manager settings.




    Enter your tenant VMware URL. For example,

    Admin Username

    Enter the VMware Identity Manager local admin user name.

    Admin Password

    Enter theVMware Identity Manager local admin user's password.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Enable custom mapping to configure the user attributes mapping from Workspace ONE UEM to the VMware Identity Managerservice.
  6. Click Test Connection to verify that the settings are correct.
  7. Click Sync Now to manually sync all users and groups to VMware Identity Manager service.

    To control the system load, manual sync can only be performed four hours after a previous sync.


An Workspace ONE UEM directory is created in the VMware Identity Manager service and the users and groups are synced to a directory in VMware Identity Manager.

What to do next

Review the Users and Groups tab in the VMware Identity Manager console to verify that the user and group names are synced.