If you configured and enabled the People Search application in the VMware Identity Manager console, a People tab also appears in Workspace ONE. Users can search for people in their organization and view their profiles and organization charts from this tab.

For information about configuring and enabling People Search, see the VMware Identity Manager Administration guide.

People tab in Workspace ONE portal

Users can find and contact people in their organization conveniently in the following ways.

  • See their own team, including their manager and peers, when they first go to the People tab. Users can click any of the names to view that person's profile and organization chart. Users can return to the home page at any time by clicking the people icon.

  • Use the search bar to search for people by name or email address.

  • Use history for quick access to recently visited profiles. The last six user profiles visited are displayed when the user clicks the search bar.

  • View a user's profile and organization chart. The information that is displayed depends on the user attributes that are mapped to the directory and can include the following:

    • Details such as email, phone number, address, cost center, Skype for Business link, and LinkedIn profile link

    • A profile picture

    • Organization hierarchy of the user

    • Direct reports of the user

      Organization hierarchy and direct reports are based on the managerDN attribute.

    On mobile devices, the profile and organization chart appear in separate tabs.

  • Contact a user directly by clicking the phone, email, or text icons next to the user's name, if available

    In browsers and in Workspace ONE app versions earlier than 3.3, these links are hidden. In Workspace ONE app 3.3, the native email and phone apps are used to perform the action.

    For the behavior on the People Search app, see the VMware People Search Workspace ONE UEM Admin Guide.

  • Go to a user's Skype or LinkedIn page by clicking the link, if available

    These links open in a new tab on the browser.

  • Look up a user's location on a map

    Maps open in a new tab on the browser.