The following types of applications can be enabled through the Android Workspace ONE application.

  • Web applications
  • Remote applications that are enabled in the VMware Identity Manager service. For example, Horizon virtual applications, Citrix XenApp, and ThinApp.
  • Native applications, both managed and unmanaged. Native applications are Android apps developed for Android platform. Two types are available.
    • Public applications that are distributed from the Google Play Store.
    • Internal applications that are privately distributed through Workspace ONE UEM and are not available from the Google Play Store.

    Web applications open in a browser. Users can access virtual applications through either VMware Horizon Client or the Citrix Receiver.

Registering Workspace ONE App from Android Devices

Signing into the Workspace ONE app with a valid server URL and credentials allows users to access the Workspace ONE unified catalog. In the unified catalog, users can view all the applications that are assigned to them.

Users must register the Workspace ONE app to access the applications. In the Workspace ONE registered state, users can use web and virtual applications that are enabled through VMware Identity Manager, Workspace ONE UEM productivity apps, and SDK apps without management.

Note: SDK apps are containerized and managed through the Workspace ONE UEM SDK and do not require the device to be managed.

Users can initiate adaptive management, which enables Android for Work on the device and allows profiles, policies, and improved app distribution for the device.

Managing Android for Work with Workspace ONE

Enabling Android for Work on devices separates personal data from the work data at the operating system level. Android for Work creates a clear separation between work and personal apps. Android for Work creates the work applications with a distinct Android work badge.

Figure 1. Android for Work Content

The admins determine which applications in the catalog require a device to be managed before the app can be accessed. Applications in the catalog that require management display a distinct star symbol next to the download button.

When users try to download one of these applications, they receive a message that the application requires the device to be managed. A screen displays that describes the features and benefits of device management.

Figure 2. Workspace Services Introduction Page

When users agree to enable Android for Work management, users are guided through the process to set up management. After the device is managed, the Android for Work container is created on the device.