Publish Horizon Desktops and Applications (Tech Preview)

Horizon Desktops and Applications are accessible from XR Hub using Horizon’s HTML Access feature, Workspace ONE Access, and XR Hub’s built-in web browser.

End users can interact with these desktops and applications using the VR controllers, virtual keyboard, or bluetooth keyboard. Additionally, XR Hub supports Passthrough Mode, so that users can see their surroundings (and keyboard) while access Horizon apps via XR Hub.

Publishing Horizon applications to XR Hub require integration with Workspace ONE Access. Once VMware Horizon desktops and applications are synced to Access and assigned to end users, they can be launched from within XR Hub application launcher.

For details on the steps required to deploy Horizon applications within Workspace ONE Access, refer to Providing Access to VMware Horizon Desktops and Applications in Workspace ONE Access.

Note: VMware Horizon 23.11+ is required for keyboard input to work with VMware Horizon applications and desktops from XR Hub.

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