Setting up XR Hub with Workspace ONE Intelligence for Analytics

You can configure Workspace ONE XR Hub to report analytics data to Workspace ONE Intelligence. Currently, analytics data supports two types of events.

  1. XR Hub Application Launch events
  2. XR Hub Application Crash events

In the future, Workspace ONE Intelligence can be used to track the use of 3rd party apps launched from XR Hub and other usage data.

Launch Workspace ONE Intelligence

You can launch Workspace ONE Intelligence from UEM by entering your credentials and opting-in to the service.

  1. In Workspace ONE UEM, go to Monitor > Intelligence.
  2. Select Opt-in to Intelligence and then select Launch.

To return to Workspace ONE UEM, take the following steps.

  1. Select the “bento box” icon (This icon is called a bento box and it is 9 small squares in a 3x3 grid, used to indicate access to other application peers.), located next to your username in Workspace ONE Intelligence in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Workspace ONE UEM.

You must connect your Workspace ONE UEM environment to Workspace ONE Intelligence. For more information, see Workspace ONE UEM Integration documentation.

Configure Workspace ONE Intelligence to Recognize XR Hub

Use the Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps documentation to add Workspace ONE XR Hub as a “consumer app” in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

You must set up XR Hub for each VR platform you deploy, for example Meta, HTC, PICO.

You must get the following application bundle IDs to register XR Hub in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

  • Meta -
  • HTC - com.vmware.xr.xrhub.wavevr
  • PICO - com.vmware.xr.xrhub.picovr

Complete steps 1 to 7 in the Register Consumer Apps documentation to register XR Hub and get the App ID.

Once you have generated an App ID, the App ID must be added to the XR Hub application configuration in Workspace ONE UEM.

Configure XR Hub to Work With Workspace ONE Intelligence

You can configure XR Hub by referencing the Configure XR Hub documentation and add your App ID to the Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK settings for XR Hub.

This screenshot shows the Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK application configuration screen for XR Hub, which you use to configure XR Hub to report user events to Intelligence.

Publish the application configuration to your devices running XR Hub. On the next XR Hub restart, XR Hub reports currently supported events to Workspace ONE Intelligence.

View XR Hub Event Data in Workspace ONE Intelligence

Use the Consumer Apps Dashboard documentation to access data reported by Workspace ONE XR Hub.

This screenshot shows the Workspace ONE Intelligence application dashboard screen created by the user for XR Hub.

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