The major features in Workspace ONE are described below.

Native Mobile Workspace ONE Applications

Users can install the Workspace ONE application on a mobile device and use corporate credentials for single sign-on (SSO) access to corporate, cloud, and mobile applications.

Self-service App Catalog for Web, Horizon, and Citrix Resources

Workspace ONE provides users access to cloud, mobile, and Windows applications using a unified catalog. The catalog contains applications published to VMware Identity Manager and VMware AirWatch. Supported application types include internal web, SaaS, native mobile, internally developed mobile, legacy and modern Windows, Horizon 7, VMware Horizon Cloud Service™, Citrix published, and ThinApp packages. The application store also contains virtualized desktops.

Launch Web and Virtual Apps with Single Sign-on

Workspace ONE provides mobile single sign-on (SSO), a one-touch login implementation to mobile applications. Mobile SSO is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.

Conditional Access with Device Compliance

With Workspace ONE, you can enforce conditional access based on the network range, platform, and application-specific criteria for authentication. A device must prove compliance with security rules before authorizing access to an application. VMware Identity Manager includes an access policy option that can be configured to check the AirWatch server for device compliance status when users sign in from the device.

Multi Factor Authentication

Workspace ONE provides multi factor authentication through the VMware Verify application. When a user attempts to access the Workspace ONE catalog or any application requiring strong authentication, VMware Verify sends a notification to the user’s phone. To verify attempted access to Workspace ONE, the user must swipe Accept to access the application.

Adaptive Management

For applications that require only a basic level of security, users are not required to enroll their device into AirWatch Mobile Device Management™. Users can download the Workspace ONE mobile application and select the applications they want to install. For applications that require a higher level of security, users can enroll their device into AirWatch directly from the Workspace ONE mobile application.