You can review and manage the Password (AirWatch Connector) configuration that was set up when you installed AirWatch and added the VMware Identity Manager service.

About this task

The Password (AirWatch Connector) authentication method is managed from the Identity & Access Management > Authentication Methods page and is associated to the built-in identity provider in the Identity Providers page.


When the AirWatch Cloud Connector software is upgraded, make sure that you update the VMware Identity Manager AirWatch configuration in the VMware Identity Manager admin console AirWatch page.


  1. To review and manage the configuration, in the Identity & Access Management tab, select Authentication Methods.
  2. In the Password (AirWatch Connector) Configure column, click the pencil icon.
  3. Review the configuration.



    Enable AirWatch Password Authentication

    This check box enables AirWatch password authentication.

    AirWatch Admin Console URL

    Pre-populated with the AirWatch URL.

    AirWatch API Key

    Pre-populated with the AirWatch Admin API key.

    Certificate Used for Authentication

    Pre-populated with the AirWatch Cloud Connector certificate.

    Password for Certificate

    Pre-populated with the password for the AirWatch Cloud Connector certificate.

    AirWatch Group ID

    Pre-populated with the organization group ID.

    Number of authentication attempts allowed

    The maximum number of failed login attempts when using AirWatch password authentication. No more log ins are allowed after the failed login attempts reach this number. The VMware Identity Manager service tries to use the fallback authentication method if it is configured. The default is five attempts.

    JIT Enabled

    If JIT is not enabled, select this check box to enable just-in-time provisioning of users in the VMware Identity Manager service dynamically when they log in the first time.

  4. Click Save.