The AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) component of VMware Enterprise Systems Connector is integrated with VMware Identity Manager for user password authentication in Workspace ONE.


You install ACC and configure the ACC component in AirWatch. See the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Installation and Configuration guide for information about installing and configuring the AirWatch Cloud Connector. After the ACC is installed and configured, you integrate the AirWatch directory services with Active Directory. See the VMware AirWatch Directory Services Guide for information about enabling the directory services.

To implement AirWatch Cloud Connector authentication for Workspace ONE, in the VMware Identity Manager admin console, the Password (AirWatch Connector) authentication method is associated to a built-in identity provider.

You can enable just-in-time support in AirWatch to add new users to the VMware Identity Manager directory when users sign in for the first time. When just-in-time support is enabled, users do not need to wait for the next scheduled sync from the AirWatch server to access Workspace ONE. Instead, new users sign in to their Workspace ONE portal, either from an iOS or Android device or from their desktop computer and enter their Active Directory user name and password. The VMware Identity Manager service authenticates the Active Directory credentials through the AirWatch Cloud Connector and adds the user profile to the directory.

After you associate the authentication methods in the built-in identity provider, you create access policies to apply to this authentication method.


User name and password authentication are integrated into the AirWatch Cloud Connector deployment. To authenticate users using other VMware Identity Manager -supported authentication methods, the VMware Identity Manager connector must be configured.