The activation flow for Hub Services depends on whether you are a new customer or an existing customer.

New Customers to Workspace ONE

New cloud customers who purchased Workspace ONE after January 2019 have Hub Services activated automatically as part of the instance provisioning process. Workspace ONE UEM, Workspace ONE Access, and Hub Services consoles are connected together, and the Hub catalog is enabled for the Intelligent Hub app.

Existing Cloud Workspace ONE UEM Customers

If you are an existing Workspace ONE UEM customer, you might have received an email that includes a link to the Workspace ONE Access cloud tenant. In the Workspace ONE UEM console Groups & Settings > Intelligent Hub pages, you add the cloud tenant URL and the tenant admin user name and password to activate Hub Services. See Activate Hub Services for Existing UEM Customers.

If you do not have a Workspace ONE Access cloud tenant, you can request one from the Workspace ONE UEM console, Intelligent Hub pages. See Request a Cloud Tenant.

After Hub Services is activated, your next step is to go to the Hub Services console to configure the catalog view, add your logo and company branding colors, and enable other functionality.

Make sure that the Hub catalog is enabled and the correct authentication methods are configured. See Setting Up Hub Services for Your Organization, and Enable Hub Catalog for Workspace ONE Customers Updating to Hub Services.

Existing and New Workspace ONE Access Cloud Customers

Customers who are using Workspace ONE Access in the cloud can use Hub Services capabilities in a web browser without integrating with Workspace ONE UEM. No additional setup is required. Go to the Hub Services console from the Workspace ONE Access console, Catalog > Hub Configuration page to configure the layout of the catalog, add your logo and company branding, and enable other functionality. See Setting Up Hub Services for Your Organization.

To use the Intelligent Hub app, Workspace ONE Access must integrate with Workspace ONE UEM. See Managing Your Workspace ONE Configuration.