You can create custom sections in the app catalog view based on categories you defined. The custom category section displays the apps in the app catalog page in the same way that New and Recommended sections are displayed.


Make sure that you added the application categories in either the Workspace ONE UEM console or if integrated with Workspace ONE Access, the Workspace ONE Access console.


  1. Navigate to the Hub Services console Configuration page.
  2. Click Launch and navigate to the Customization page.
  3. In the App Catalog section, select New Section.
  4. Select Custom and in the Search for a category text box, enter the category name that you want to feature. When the category displays, select it.
  5. To add another category select New Section > Custom again and select another category.

    The custom category displays as a section above the Categories section. You can change the order that New, Recommended, and Category sections displays after the Favorites section. Click the row to drag it to another position.

  6. Click Save.


If an application category that you feature is deleted from one of the consoles, the category is removed from the list in the console and in the users view of the app catalog.