You can arrange how apps display in the Intelligent Hub app catalog pages. The default view is to show new apps first, followed by recommended apps. You can change this and add custom apps.


  1. Navigate to the Hub Services page Catalog > Hub Configuration.
  2. Click Launch and navigate to the Customization page.
    In the App Catalog section, you can change the order that the New Apps, Recommended, and Custom Category sections display. Click the row to drag it to another position.
  3. To add additional sections, click New Section. and select the section to add.
  4. (Optional) In the Features section, enable App Rating, to let users rate the apps that they use.
    When App Rating is enabled, thumb up and thumb down icons display in the User Rating section on the app details page.
  5. Click Save.


After you save the changes, it can take about eight hours before the catalog view is updated on users devices. Users might need to refresh their Intelligent Hub session to see the new layout.