Workspace ONE Hub Services offers a unified catalog, actionable notifications of potential interest to employees, a virtual assistance chatbot, and a people directory for a full digital workspace experience. Employees install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on their devices or use their Hub web browser to use a single destination to access, discover, and connect with a company's corporate resources, teams, and work flows.

You deploy the Intelligent Hub app with Workspace ONE UEM to enroll and manage iOS, Android, and macOS devices. The Intelligent Hub app facilitates enrollment and allows for real-time management and access to device information.

Hub Services can operate with Workspace ONE UEM without integrating Workspace ONE UEM with VMware Workspace ONE Access. A Workspace ONE Access tenant in the cloud is required to access the Hub Services console. With Hub Services, you can configure a Hub Catalog to allow access to UEM and Web apps from the Intelligent Hub app on their devices.

For full Hub Services functionality, you can set up a Workspace ONE Access tenant in the cloud and integrate the Workspace ONE Access service with Workspace ONE UEM. The Intelligent Hub web browser experience is available with Workspace ONE Access, with or without integrating with Workspace ONE UEM.