The following tasks must be completed to configure single sign-on authentication in Workspace ONE Access.

  • Install and configure the Workspace ONE Access connector for Windows to provide directory integration, user authentication, and integration to resources such as Horizon 7.
  • Create a directory, and sync Users and Groups from Workspace ONE UEM service to Workspace ONE Access service.

  • Enable and configure authentication methods to use for device single sign-on.
  • Enable compliance checking to verify that managed devices adhere to Workspace ONE UEM compliance policies.
  • Set up conditional access policies to include compliance checking rules and to manage the users' access to resources.
  • Map Workspace ONE Access domains to multiple Organization Groups in Workspace ONE UEM In Workspace ONE UEM environments configured for multi-tenancy, you enter device organization group IDs and API keys to map multiple OGs to a domain.

You can find documentation about how to perform these tasks in the Workspace ONE Access Cloud Documentation section on the VMware Identity Manager documentation landing page.