Use the OS Updates dashboard to view version data for operating systems (OS) by platform. OS Updates data helps you know if your environment is fragmented and running older operating system on devices. For Windows Desktop, view all OS updates and patch updates.

OS Updates Modules

The OS Updates dashboard includes all OS platform modules by default for your ease. In order to include an OS platform, the system must discover at least one device for that platform. The widgets display a unique number of OS versions across all enrolled devices and a total number of enrolled devices seen for that platform in your Workspace ONE Intelligence environment. To see details into a specific platform, select View.

OS-Specific Module Information

Select View in an OS Updates module to get details for that operating system. A module displays two charts.

  • Number of Devices by OS Version - This snapshot chart displays the number of enrolled devices seen in Workspace ONE Intelligence for a specific OS version.
  • Daily Active Devices by OS Version - This historical trend chart displays the number of active (devices that reported a sample) enrolled devices that were seen by OS version plotted for a specific day.

You can edit the filters to display particular data for longer or shorter time periods. To narrow the search you can select a specific Model or OS Version from filters.

Patches Information

In the Windows Desktop module, the Patches tab lists data about patch update statuses for Windows including certain Microsoft applications as discovered from the Microsoft Updates channel. You can use filters to find data on patches using a specific knowledge base (KB) number, patch KB title, patch update classification, or date range.

The KB filters are useful when you want to know the status of a specific KB. The default view without edited filters, groups patches by the update status. Use the KB filters and the patch update status to determine the health of your Windows resources.

The count on the Patches tab shows the number of unique patches Workspace ONE Intelligence detects. View two charts.

  • Number of Patches by Update Status - This snapshot chart shows the Windows patch update status for all patches reported by enrolled devices.
  • Number of Devices Updated by Status Over Time - This historical chart displays the number of enrolled devices seen by Workspace ONE Intelligence (devices that reported a sample) by update status ploted for a specific day.

Windows Patch Status Descriptions

Status Descriptions
Approved The approved patch is successfully assigned to the device.
Assigned The patch is approved and assigned to the device.
Available The patch is available on the device for installation.
Failed The patch failed to install.
Installed The patch successfully installed.
Pending Installation The patch installation is approved and available but not yet installed.
Pending Reboot The patch installation is paused until the device reboots.
Removed The patch is removed.
Unknown The system is not receiving information about the patch.
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