Use the Apps dashboard to analyze application use for applications managed in your Workspace ONE environment and accessed through the catalog. The dashboard displays data for applications from Workspace ONE UEM, Apteligent by VMware, and Workspace ONE Access deployments.

Adoption and Engagement

The Apps dashboard helps determine if users adopt applications and if they use them. Low adoption has several causes. Is the application unnecessary? Is the application hard to use or does it have bugs?

Whatever the analysis, use the data on the dashboard to prioritize your application resources. Troubleshooting can reveal that the application is not worth the resources required to install and maintain it. Or perhaps, the application needs updating to the next version due to bug fixes.

Supported Applications by Integration

The Apps dashboard displays data for the listed application types.

  • Workspace ONE UEM supports all managed applications.
  • Apteligent by VMware supports internal applications that include the SDK and that are managed through Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Workspace ONE Access supports web applications accessed through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
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