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Add your own connections and actions to automation workflows with your existing enterprise systems and third-party services. Custom connectors use REST APIs for communication and the API development tool Postman to create standard requests.

Automate Your Internal Services with Custom Connectors

If the service supports REST APIs and JSON content types, you can use it in your automations with custom connectors.

Postman to Create Standard REST APIs

Workspace ONE Intelligence uses Postman to standardize the REST APIs the system uses to connect and act with your internal and third-party services. It creates actions using a familiar REST template interface that allows for reuse of the saved actions. The free version of Postman has the features required to create collections for custom connectors.

Steps to Use Custom Connectors

  1. Create a collection with requests in Postman and export it.
  2. Add a custom connection in the Workspace ONE Intelligence console and import the requests. These requests are now available as actions you can use in automations.
  3. Configure an automation workflow with imported actions to automate a task using your custom connection in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

Actions for Custom Connectors

You can edit, delete, and test custom connectors in Workspace ONE Intelligence. You can use actions in multiple connectors so consider the consequences of editing or deleting before you act.

  • Delete - To delete an entire connection and all its actions, you must deauthorize it first. After deauthorization, any automation using an action associated with this connection is disabled. After the system deletes the connection, it removes all associated actions from other automations. You must edit and reenable the disabled automations to run them again. This action is not reversible.
  • Edit - You can edit the connection name, description, and authentication types at any time. To edit the action request details, edit the Postman collection and then reimport it into your custom connection. Note: If you edit authentication types and enter the credentials incorrectly, actions can fail to run. Edit with caution.
  • Test - Test custom connectors in Workspace ONE Intelligence to make sure Workspace ONE Intelligence and your service can communicate.