Register Workspace ONE Access with Workspace ONE Intelligence to include data concerning web applications.

To display Workspace ONE Access data, authorize it to share data with Workspace ONE Intelligence.

Note: If you receive the listed error, check that your Workspace ONE Access and Workspace ONE Intelligence environments are mapped to the same region.

{“errors”:[{“code”:“decisionhub.domain.mismatch”,“message”:“WS1 Intelligence domain does not match the existing configured one.“,”parameters”:null}]}.


Note the URL of your Workspace ONE Access console because you must enter it for authorization.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Intelligence console, go to Integrations > Workspace ONE Access.
  2. Select Set Up.
  3. Enter the URL for your Workspace ONE Access console in the Tenant Domain text box. The system navigates to the URL so you can log in to the console. This action creates the connection.
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