Enter data that pertains to your Netskope instance so that Workspace ONE Intelligence can access cloud security threat data and display it for analysis.

To register Netskope with Workspace ONE Intelligence, enter the Netskope application key set in the Netskope console.


Integrate Netskope and Workspace ONE UEM so that Workspace ONE UEM manages the Netskope app.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Intelligence console, go to Integrations > Netskope > Set Up > Get Started. To access previously entered credentials, select to Edit Netskope.
  2. In the Connection Permissions area, view the data to which Workspace ONE Intelligence wants access.
  3. In the Provide Credentials area, enter the information for a successful connection.
    • Base URL - Enter the URL for Netskope so that Workspace ONE Intelligence can access it. This string begins with https://.
    • Application Key - Enter the value that sets the communication between Workspace ONE Intelligence and Netskope.
  4. To finish the configuration, select Authorize.

What to do next

To view data for this service, use widgets on My Dashboards or view data in the Threats Summary on the Security Risk dashboard. You can create Automations Workflows to act on Trust Network triggers.

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