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To add basic and directory-based admins managed in Workspace ONE UEM for Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) in Workspace ONE Intelligence, configure settings to allow admins to access Workspace ONE Intelligence from Workspace ONE UEM.

This process includes configurations in both Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE Intelligence. You add or edit admins in Workspace ONE UEM and assign them an Intelligence Admin role. Then, the new RBAC admins must log in to the Workspace ONE Intelligence console to request access using the Request Access notification process. The system sends you their request by email and the email is your prompt to grant permissions and configure RBAC accounts in Workspace ONE Intelligence.


  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, add a role for admins to access Workspace ONE Intelligence.
    1. Select the organization group.
    2. Go to Accounts > Administrators > Roles > Add Role.
    3. Enter a name and a description so you can find the role in the list view. Intelligence Admin - Grants basic admins access to the WS1 Intelligence console.
    4. In the Search Resources text box, enter Intelligence to display the Intelligence role. This role is in Categories > Monitor > Intelligence.
    5. Give admins Read and Edit permissions. The Intelligence Admin role is now available to assign to admins in Workspace ONE UEM.
  2. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, add admins and assign them the Intelligence role.
    1. Go to Accounts > Administrators > List View > Add > Add Admin.
    2. Select Basic tab, for the User Type setting, select Basic or Directory.
      • Basic - Enter required settings on the Basic tab, including user name, password, First Name, and Last Name. You can enable Two-Factor Authentication where you select between Email and SMS as a delivery method and the token expiration time in minutes. You can also select a Notification option, selecting between None, Email, and SMS. Admins receive an auto-generated response.
      • Directory - Enter the Domain and Username for the admin's directory credentials.
    3. Select the Roles tab, select the Organization Group, and enter the role you previously added, Intelligence Admin.
  3. Have admins log in to Workspace ONE Intelligence and complete the Request Access process. By selecting the Request Access button on the Restricted Access page, the system sends an email notification to 10 admins who are active and have the Administrator role in the console to approve entry. If users have already requested access and select Request Access, the console prompts them about their previous request but lets them send another.
  4. Check your email for Admin Access Request notifications. You can use the Manage Users button to navigate to the Workspace ONE Intelligence console.
  5. In Workspace ONE Intelligence, grant access and configure admin permissions.
    1. Go to Settings > Administrators > Admin, select the admin from the list, and select Edit.
    2. Select the applicable permissions and save the admin account. Workspace ONE UEM admins can now access Workspace ONE Intelligence.