To add admins and admin groups from Azure Active Directory (AC) for Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) in Workspace ONE Intelligence, configure settings to allow admins to access Workspace ONE Intelligence from Workspace ONE UEM.


You must authorize Workspace ONE Intelligence to connect with your Azure AD environment.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Intelligence console, go to Settings > Administrators > Admin and select Add. To add Azure AD groups, select the Admin Groups tab. The Add menu item does not display unless you have configured the integration with Azure AD.
  2. On the Add Admin page, enter the name of the admin in the User text box and select the name from the list. If you are adding Azure AD admin groups, the system navigates to the Add Admin Group page. Enter the name of the admin group in the Group text box.
  3. Select the applicable permissions and save the admin account. The added admin displays as Unknown (Not logged in) because the system is not pulling this data from Azure. This display is resolved with the admin logging in to Workspace ONE Intelligence.
  4. Have admins log in to Workspace ONE Intelligence. This login step resolves the admin's user name from Unknown (Not logged in) to the configured user name.
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